ISO cards, optimized for secure, non-replicable interactions with HID Trusted Tag Services.

HID Global optimizes security, utility, and ease-of-implementation for NFC applications by combining recognized ISO-format cards with HID Trusted Tag® Services, the cloud-based authentication platform that adds trust to Internet of Things Applications(IoT) by attaching unique and secure identities to virtually any object that can be read by a mobile device and can be used in business and consumer interactions, without compromising privacy.



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  • ƒ  Secure – Encrypted data changes on every tap, blocking attempts to share, clone or manipulate  card activity
  • ƒ  Familiar format – Immediately recognized and accepted by users
  • ƒ  Frictionless operation – Simply tap to interact, no app to create or download
  • ƒ  Streamlined deployment – No proprietary software or special readers required for card authentication


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