RAIN® RFID UHF transponders for tagging metal returnable transport containers

Imagine 100% identification of 800 tagged, metal kegs aboard a truck moving through RFID reader gates placed at points of distribution and delivery, HID UHF keg tags make it possible and cost-effective.

RFID keg tracking technology from HID Global can help improve operational efficiency, while ensuring safe container transport and return. Anti-collision capability speeds processing, allowing readers to communicate with multiple keg tags in a single pass. At the same time, information stored in each tag empowers more accurate, efficient asset management.



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  • Durable – built to withstand the rigors of reusable container processing.
  • Enhanced efficiency – enable simultaneous reading of multiple containers, decreasing processing time while increasing accuracy.
  • Optimized – specifically designed for tagging metal kegs and cylinders.


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