Built for dense stacked files & documents the Alien Technology® ALN-9841 “Doc” RFID inlay is designed for operation in close proximity to each other allowing you to find the document you need, when you need it.

Designed for stacked & dense packed documents, folders & other paper goods, the HiggsTM-EC UHF RFID IC based“Doc” antenna design, offers superior performance and reliability for tagging of papers, files, documents, folders or other thin and tightly compact wood/organic materials.

Applications include (but not limited to) Legal, Academic, Medial or other:

– Documents – Certificates – Folders
– Envelopes

Enhanced memory footprint includes a 48-bit Unique TID for authentication and serialization applications andpassword protected read and write support to prevent unauthorized viewing and modification of the tag’s data.

ALN-9841 inlays are World Tag compliant, enabling consistent operation across the diverse frequencies of the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa.



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› Worldwide operation in all RFID UHF bands (840-960 MHz)
› Global GS1 Class 2 Gen 2 (V1.2.0) and ISO/IEC 18000-6C compliance
› 512-Bits of NVRAM Memory
• Up to 128 EPC bits (96-bits nominal)
• 128 User Bits
• 48 Bit Unique TID
• 32 Bit Access and 32 bit Kill Passwords
› User Memory can be Block Perma-Locked as well as read password protected in 32 Bit Blocks
› Class leading read and write performance
› BlastWriteTM and QuickWriteTM mass-encoding
› Dynamic AuthenticationTM – anti-cloning/anti- counterfeit technology
› Available in high-yield, high capacity dry/wet inlay rolls


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